Auctionmaxx Warranty Information

All goods(except items/lots represented AS IS) purchased from Auctionmaxx carry a 14 day warranty from point of pickup from our warehouse or point of delivery(if item is being shipped to the customer).

Auctionmaxx is an unauthorized re-seller of goods. Items sold at Auctionmaxx are not covered by any manufacturers' warranties.

Returns are accepted when the item/lot is not as described (defective, missing parts, incomplete, has an issue not mentioned or not authentic) AND the item is returned to us within that 14 day period with proof of purchase. We will not consider returns on items that are assembled, used or missing the packaging the item(s) were sold with. Contact us at [email protected] if you have issues prior to assembling.
*PLEASE NOTE - If you choose to not follow our company return protocol EG: repairing an item or ordering a needed part without prior authorization, you will not be reimbursed for those incurred expenses if they have not been authorized by us previously.

In the interest of making the return process an efficient one, we ask that you have as much evidence, photo or video, available to accompany your return so that we may use this as reference during the process. For example, issues sometimes occur with items after they run for a while, having a video of a TV turning off due to over-heating will be helpful to us when assessing the defect.

Auctionmaxx may require the customer to leave the item with us for a period of time to test the item in order to verify the issue that is cause for return.

If there are extenuating circumstances preventing a return during this timeline we must receive communication prior to the end of the warranty period in order to modify the period to a solution that is acceptable to both parties.

No returns will be accepted after the 14 day period regardless of issue.

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